Staying in the Present

When I’ve stressed out about my past enough, of course I had to go and stress out about my future. (Haha) I don’t seem to give myself a break! Thinking sometimes is the worst thing to do for me because I’ll overthink myself into a depression. I let all the worry and anxiety of the uncertainty and unknown consume me. Just because things are not working out right now, doesn’t mean they won’t work and fall into place soon enough. I just have to be patient and I just have to consistently do things in the present to ensure my future days would be how I’d like them to be. I feel a lot better this past week as I’ve just done things and focused on what was in front of me instead of thinking about next week or next month, or next year. Although, those are good proactive thoughts, it can be very annoying if I just dwell on them and participate in non-progressive wasteful thinking. Deep breathing and meditation has been helping me as well with staying in the present. Managing my emotions seems easiest when I can just identify what I’m feeling about whatever it is that I am actively doing. It’s a confusing yet interesting emotional development journey and I am just going to accept it.

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