Morning Routine

Life can be a mess sometimes. A huge mess. And I tend to end up losing myself in the crazy. The important part is that I always try to stand back up and get right back into the groove of things my way. What has been slowly helping me achieve that is coming up with and maintaining a healthy morning routine. I’m going to be honest, there are a few days that I wake up without partaking in my morning rituals, but those are the days I regret it the most. We have to make time to spend time with ourselves. We have to remember to prioritize our well-being and our mental health. When we wake up, our first obligation should be to take an hour or two to really just sit there within ourselves and express love and gratitude. That is the start of a beautiful day because the intentions are set. That is how I feel more centered and more confident in moving forward with my day. Here are some of the things I like to incorporate into my morning rituals.

  1. Stretching/Yoga

Getting our bodies warmed up and prepared for our day is essential to feeling less tired and amazing. Stretching allows all of our body parts to release all tension and to have a reset from a whole night of sleeping.

2. Practicing deep breathing/meditation

I never realize how shallow I’m breathing until I decide to deep breathe! I always feel so good afterwards and so happy to feel a release from the breathing exercise as well.

3. Journaling

Writing down our thoughts and setting our intentions for the day or at the end of the night is something that is highly recommended. Sometimes, our thoughts can be jumbled up, all over the place, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unorganized. Journaling for me has been a stress reliever and it forces me to slow down, give myself space to clarify my thoughts, and to reflect.

4. Learning/absorbing beneficial information

In the mornings is when I feel I have the most productivity and high energy and focus. This is the best time for me to be open to receiving information. I usually take about an hour or so, to indulge myself in self-improving podcasts and audio books. I find it easier to absorb auditory information first before I do some hands on activity.

5. Reading

After listening to podcasts, I would then move on to spending about another half hour on reading a book! I think reading is fundamental to learning and growth of the mind. My current goal is to aim for finishing one book a month. I have yet to accomplish that as I sometimes read slow, or am not consistent with reading everyday. I have been re-inspired when I saw online that there are people out there who read up to seven books a month! One thing that I realized that was I used to book hop. I would read sometimes 2 or 3 books at the same time, switching in between them every few days. I find that is actually very detrimental to my reading process and can often end up confusing me on which content is from which book. So much for multi-reading. I am now focusing only on reading one book at a time for high effectiveness.

I hope that in me sharing some of the things I like to include in my mornings inspire those of you who need some sort of structure in the mornings to get you going. If there are other things that you enjoy doing that you think I should try to incorporate in mine, please let me know in the comments below!

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