Lately, it’s been hard. I go through constant ups and downs and I’m just trying to find somewhere to be in the middle; if I could at least find a neutral ground then that would be enough and I’d take that. Then I realized, being in the middle is like being in the “maybe-land” all the time and that takes you nowhere. I need to make a decision. I need to be either or. Either I’m happy, or I’m depressed. I think I need to work better on directing my thought patterns and creating a new emotional home. It shouldn’t be normal for me to feel a neutral or more on the down side as my normal every day emotions. I read that a great way to combat stress and negative emotions is to express and practice gratitude. It is impossible to feel those sad emotions and be grateful at the same time. There are many studies done where scientists have compared health and brain waves of patients after 30-90 days of journaling positive things and gratitude and it showing that it does indeed have amazing benefits afterwards for us. Here is my log of the things I would like to express today for my gratitude.

I am grateful to be able to have waken up today to see another day.

I am grateful for the air that I breathe and the sun that embraces my existence.

I am grateful to have access to clean water and food to properly nourish me.

I am grateful to have people I care about in my life.

I am grateful for being able to experience things with those that I love.

I am grateful for a safe place to call home.

I am grateful to be touched by musical frequencies that temporarily entertain and lead my soul.

I am grateful to have found meditation and the stillness within myself, to be connected to the earth.

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