Appreciating Life

Growing up, I was highly interested in creative arts. I was fascinated by activities such as drawing, crafting DIY projects, singing, and last but not least, photography! I always found still images of art very …moving. There is so much to interpret and I always find it so inspiring that a still image could invoke the deepest emotions within a person. In highschool, I’ve signed up to take part in a beginner’s photography class for one year. My father had gotten me a tiny little digital turquoise camera that I still have and cherish to this day. Over the years, I’ve dabbled in creating advanced self-portraits here and there. What I find to be the most captivating is being able to capture the natural beauty that is constantly surrounding us- mother nature. Everytime I take photographs of the sky, the trees, the water, I am falling in love over and over again with the Earth’s beauty. We are blessed to be a part of this life and to be supported by the greenery, the blue skies, and the mesmerizing starry nights. I want to share this photo I’ve taken a few days ago when I made a simple trip to the gas station. It was tucked in between two gas pumps and I am so glad that my eyes were naturally attracted to this gorgeous orange! I’ve never adored the color orange as much as I do now after laying eyes on these lovely flowers. After marinating in my feelings…I think that the color orange makes me feel a bit at home. I am indeed an October baby after all.

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    Your article is short but it’s very effective! Thank you so much for enlightening me with just a few words.

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