Believing In Yourself

I finally did it! I did what I’ve been saying I would do for the past two years. I was exhausted from carrying the weight of having these unreleased projects sitting on my heart. Almost every single day that went by and I neglected my passion projects, it would eat me up alive. There was something in me that always talked back with the most craziest excuses. Funny thing was, I never saw it as an “excuse.” I saw them as real, valid reasons why I couldn’t do it. Like for one, it not being perfect enough or it’s not amazing quality so I shouldn’t put it out into the world. I just thought that I had to hold on to these songs until I had enough money to put into it to get it to sound the way I thought was acceptable.

I then came to terms with myself that there would never be a “perfect” time. I had to work with what I had. And that was myself. I didn’t have financial access to a professional studio with mixing and mastering so I had to change my perspective and realize it’s okay to attempt to do things on my own. I learned and applied what I knew and released my first song last Friday, August 28th 2020! 🙂 It’s a free song that I’ve created a lyric video to and have posted it on Youtube and Soundcloud. The process was exciting and fun and it gave me a sense of responsibility that I had felt I lost. I am very happy and proud of my decision to go ahead and go for it and believe in myself. For those who may be going through the same thing, please realize that being idle is not going to help you and that only you can make these moves for yourself!

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