Focus Creates Momentum

Whatever I do the most of, I will steady fall into that routine and once that routine is disrupted, it is very hard for me to get back in the groove of it. Through experience and self-evaluation, I realize that this applies to me in both negative and positive actions. If I choose to eat bad junk foods, binge watch Netflix all day, wake up late and go to work late, I will most definitely, consistently do that for the longest time no matter how hard I claim that I dislike it. I can hate what I do all I want, but honey, the sad truth is, I was committed to it. Change of direction in momentum doesn’t come, unless a person is really serious about making that difference in their daily activities and deliberately choosing to do better.

I’ll have my short months of success too where I would wake up early every morning and faithfully hit the gym, make sure I get at least three healthy meals in a day, and work towards my goals, but then somewhere along the way, I get sidetracked and fall off and forget what’s really important to me. That’s where the strong willpower and goals come into play that I was speaking of in my last blog post. We have to question the things that we are committed to and see if that in any way, shape or form, if our actions will aid in the ‘future you’ that you would like to become. Don’t let this momentum disruption break you though and always get back up and do whatever it takes to get you right back to that positive mindset you had before, because if you don’t, it very well leads to a decrease of and lack of inspiration, motivation, and passion. As all three of those things comes from the action itself of getting your ass up and DOING.

Philosopher Colin Wilson said, “If you want a positive reaction (or a peak experience), your best chance of obtaining it is by putting yourself into an active, purposive frame of mind…Depression…is the natural outcome of negative passivity. The peak experience is the outcome of an intentional attitude.”

Recently, this past May, I’ve came to put myself into what I think was my first peak experience. One day, I completely was so done with my bullshit that I took matters into my own hands. I’m a singer. I write songs. I record songs. I needed them to be completely edited, mixed, and mastered before I could release them. It’s embarrassing and ridiculous to be sitting on such great ideas for over a year and not have anyone know about them. I didn’t have the funds at the time to reach out to producers/music engineers to really do what I needed to glue the project together. So, what did I do? I went and looked up all of the tutorials possible on how to edit your own music on FL Studio on Youtube and I found some amazing channels that were able to relay to me what I was looking for. It was frustrating, it was difficult and confusing, but my perseverance and dedication took me farther than I ever thought I could have ever done by myself. That song that I had made recently was the peak experience that I had and I was so proud of the results and felt so accomplished because for once in my life, I had set out an intention SO strong that no matter what – I was going to succeed. I’m not the type of person to have enough patience when it comes to learning new things but with this, I wanted it so bad, that I had no choice but to have it.

Our focus is the most important thing because that leads our actions. Focus on what matters. Remind yourself and be consistent with your focus because that will keep you on track and lead in the right direction. What we think on the daily matters. What we do on the daily matters. Set the intention and run with it all the way to the grave.

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