Working With What You Got

I often let a lot of things prevent me from doing. I used to think I had to have the greatest tools in order to be able to accomplish what I wanted. That was wrong and limiting and evidently, time wasting. This past Thursday I had planned on filming a short visual loop for my project. When the day came, the weather wasn’t what I expected, all I had to work with was my plain pink wall inside of my bedroom, the back of my mattress boxspring to have a black background, and the natural sunlight seeping through the blinds. I made due with what I had. Typically, that would’ve stopped my process and I would have just watched something on Netflix instead for that day. Instead, I worked with what I had and ended up with a really cool project regardless of my limitations! It’s about enjoying myself and having fun. I need to take it easy and be less critical and so harsh on myself. I hope those of you who read this can apply this concept for yourselves as well. Seeking perfection in every situation is never going to help anything. We are natural as innovators and are constantly evolving. Do not stunt your own learning process or progression.

Today’s affirmation: I am open to innovation and growth.

Here, I will include a link to my project that I have finished. Hope you can enjoy it!

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