Dirty Nikes Remix Challenge x Ruth B

I would have seriously never found out about this remix contest from Ruth B if I never made a Soundcloud this past month! I was happy to have been notified about it on the app! I went and checked her song out and decided to give it a shot at remixing it! This was my first attempt at ever remixing any song and I was honestly confused at first on how to even do it. I went and found articles on what a typical remix is like. I went and listened to other songs that were remixes to get an idea how things generally flowed and in what way were they different from the original. I even got some really helpful constructive criticism from my partner as well on how I could better it! I made two versions. One at a bpm of 90 and the other at 96. The first version I had gave myself the second verse and followed up singing her hook in my own melody. The second version I created and sang on both of the verses and left her hook there. There were some parts that I switched around and I think I enjoy it a lot! I wonder what you guys think of the renditions!

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